An awkward introduction

Friday, July 4, 2014

Greetings fellow readers! (Or singular reader? Hi mom! Actually I doubt she'll even read this. SOMEBODY LOVE ME!)
Any hoot, let me start by introducing myself, just in case.

Name: Valerie

Age: 26 (according to my birth certificate anyways)

Passion: Makeup / Skincare

Beauty weapon of choice: Mascara

Biggest beauty pet peeve: Bad eyebrows. Giiiirl lemme fix that for you! Please.

If I could define myself in word?: Quirky (it's the politically correct word for me anyways...)

A little more about me...

I've been obsessed with makeup since I was allowed to wear white eyeliner and lip smackers (my favorite one was "Mocha something"; it had a slight tint and some glitter). Ooh man! That thick milky line and frosty lip...I thought I was pretty cool. Since then, I've turned into a raging junky stopping at nothing to find the best products (and falling for every gimmick and false advertising in the process). Truly, I'm a marketer's dream.

Also, we all know it doesn't matter how good the makeup is if you're not taking care of your skin. You should always invest in your beauty regiment over your makeup collection. Unfortunately, my genetics blessed me with a hormonal imbalance and therefore I've had to deal with acne since the tender age of 14. From regular teen breakouts, to cystic adult acne. It has not been a fun journey thus far but in passing I've created a new addiction: skincare.

Bottom line: With my baggage, I feel I’m in a somewhat legitimate position to share my thoughts and obsessions with you. From the OMG HOLY GRAIL!! To the just plain HELL NOs!

Hopefully you join me in this journey, learn a thing or two and find products that work for you as well!

I'll catch you guys on the flip side ;)

Find this look HERE!

- Val


  1. Hellooo SUNSHINE, you sound....amazing. Hi mom!

    1. Haha yay! Hi mom! Mom?? I don't think she's here...Damnit! Thanks for the support Fan :)

  2. Ok....I got it now....first comment went somewhere over the Rainbow I guess����

  3. Ok baby girl....I love you and Im really happy you have started this...ata girl!!!!!!! Love your funny and smart and beautiful you!!!!! Talk to us girl!!!!!!��

  4. Love that you're doing this! congrats! I wanna learn how to do eyebrows :) Tried it... once... didn't dare leave the house, i was horrible at it.

    1. Yay thanks :) Eyebrows are a pain, we've all been through awkward phases with them, and sadly they will never be perfect BUT DAMNIT WE WILL TRY!!