FOTD - Job Interview

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

So today I had to get ready for a job interview (eeee fingers crossed!!), and decided to share with you my "Face Of The Day". Obviously I'm keeping things pretty light and simple as I want to look polished but not overdone!

Here's the damage  :

a picture of makeup products for a job interview ; benefit, hourglass, nars, too faced, rimmel, maybelline, laura mercier, almay

  1. Hervana blush by Benefit (HERE)
  2. Ambient lighting palette by Hourglass (HERE)
  3. Better than sex mascara by Too Faced (HERE)
  4. Satin lip pencil in Rikugien by Nars (HERE)
  5. Bottom lash mascara by Clinique (HERE)
  6. Clear complexion concealer by Almay (HERE)
  7. Dream lumi touch concealer by Maybelline (HERE)
  8. Erase paste by Benefit (HERE)
  9. BB cream matte by Rimmel (HERE)
  10. Secret brightening powder by Laura Mercier (HERE)
  11. Color tattoo in Barely Branded by Maybelline (HERE)
  12. Color tattoo in Tough as Taupe by Maybelline (HERE)
And here's the result! :) 

a picture of wearable job interview makeupa picture of wearable job interview makeup

Do I look the part? Here's hoping! Someone hire me, please! :( 

If you guys want any reviews on the products mentioned, let me know!

I'll catch you guys on the flip side ;)

- Val

** UPDATE : I didn't get the job, but at least I did look the part! Waa Waa :( ***


  1. Hey Val! I hope you do a BB cream special! I have been using the Averno one, and it works for now but I'm looking at other options that offer a nice coverage, with SPF protection that isn't oily. So much to choose from, so little time.


    1. I'm already planning on doing a BB showdown! Stay tuned, it shall be posted in the near future! :)

  2. Looks awesome! Let me know how it went... I want details. What's the job? I have that Laura Mercier powder too and I love it! Super light and efficient. The blush looks really good and natural. Me gusta.

  3. Tell me more about this bottom lash mascara..

    1. It's from Clinique, it's like 12$? It has an ITTY BITTY brush that grabs all your itty bitty lashes! No mess, no clumps, just nicely defined bottom lashes! It's fabulous! Not ESSENTIAL, you can always manage with your regular mascara, but I find it easier, and it looks better AND it won't run under your eyes or flake. sooooooo ya know!!

    2. I have a problem with da clumps on the bottom lashes...this sounds pretty essential to me.

    3. Try it out...I mean for 10$ bucks it's not a huge gamble ;) PS: You need very little product on the brush for it to work, hence not creating clumps.