HG Foundation : Bobbi Brown

Friday, July 11, 2014

I've always liked or preferred to others different foundations. But with my skin being problematic (I have sensitive acne prone combination skin that's more on the oily side, yikes!) I had never fallen in LOVE with one. Well ladies, the day has come, I think I found my Holy Grail (HG) Foundation. At least, it's my favorite so far.

It is the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 (56$, Sephora). It's in the name, it looks like skin! The truth is I was doing it all wrong, thinking I needed a full coverage foundation to mask all my imperfections, but it ended up looking...Well, like a mask, most of the time.
a picture of Bobbi Brown Foundation in Porcelain
This foundation offers light to medium coverage and has a natural finish (not matte, not dewy, just lovely). It is PERFECTION for my combination skin as I feel it holds up to the oils but also doesn't cling to dry patches. Most importantly it doesn't break me out!!

I am in the shade Porcelain 0 (hey it's not for nothing they called me Snow White in high school, and no it wasn't a cute nickname, BUT I'M OVER IT OK?!)

a picture of Bobbi Brown Foundation in Porcelain
The formula is pretty runny so be careful! Here is what about one pump looks like, and it's usually all I use, but sometimes I'll go up to 1/12 -2 pumps:
a picture of Bobbi Brown Foundation in Porcelain, swatch, texture
My favorite way to apply it, is with the Beauty Blender (26$, Sephora). Now if you haven't joined this sponge revolution, well I'll just have to convince you in another blog post :P.

Your foundation should be just that, a foundation, a base. Even out your skin tone with a thin layer (you can build it up if you're more comfortable with "heavier" all over coverage) and then go back with concealer on dark spots, zits or whatever is still peaking through that you want gone. That is the best way to look as natural as possible. Less is more!! 

Here is the proof that a little goes a long way (WARNING : The following pictures are not for the weak of heart, they involve graphic images of a Val without makeup and very awkward close ups and faces)

a picture of a female with mild acne
No makeup. Yikes!
a picture of a female with mild acne
A thin layer of foundation
a picture of Bobbi Brown Foundation to cover acne
Added some concealer
a picture of Bobbi Brown Foundation to cover acne
Finished with some powder and blush
a picture of Bobbi Brown Foundation to cover acne
(Fake) Flawless skin = Big happy cheeks!
Also it does have an SPF 15 which is nice, but does cause a little white cast in flash photography, nothing too major!

So let's break it down :

Packaging : 5/5 It has a pump, Hallelujah!!
Coverage : 5/5 If you're looking for a light to medium coverage
Finish : 5/5 A natural finish that looks like skin
Color match : 5/5 My shade matches me perfectly
Longevity : 4/5 The staying power is surprising for my mainly oily skin (I do use a primer), but it would not hold up for EXTRA long days or anything (I'll get a LITTLE shiny after a few hours but nothing a blotting paper can't fix)
Price : 3/5 Girl, I gotta save up for this baby
Final score : 4.5/5

Now, I save this bad boy for special occasions (or weekends, they're special in their own right?). On the daily, I go for my Rimmel BB Cream Matte (details here), which I will do a full review on shortly.

Hope you enjoyed this rave review!

I'll catch you guys on the flip side ;)



  1. I love how happy you look in the last photo! And I think your skin is awesome without makeup, you've come a long way, rejoice! I think the beauty blender is nice and I also am on board with you that this foundation is the HG of all foundations, but I prefer using it with the Shiseido foundation brush, which has become my HG of foundation application. The one benefit I find in using this brush is that I waste MUCH LESS product than with the beauty blender... like girl, way less. You have to splurge for the brush but in the end I find it to work marvelously and does save me money on makeup over time. Just thought I'd share!

    1. I've tried with MANY brushes, some that have splurged on, but I just don't like the finish as much. I make sure that my Beauty Blender is as big as it can get (therefore retaining more water), and it soaks up less of the product. Surely it's not ideal to use any kind of sponge with a water based foundation (which I'm not sure if this one is)... But I gotta do what makes me look best, and I don't feel like I'm wasting much product. I will definitely check out that brush though, got me curious!

    2. You gotta do what you gotta do, I hear yah!