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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hello lovelies!

Now my blush collection is pretty substantial, a little excessive, and quite frankly crazy BUT I narrowed it down (as much as possible) to share with you my top 10. Hang on tight! :)

I guess we should jump right in with the deets and the swatches! (They are in no particular order)

1. Nars - Orgasm (peachy pink with golden shimmer)
2. Nars - Angelika (cotton candy pink with shimmer)
3. Nars - Deep Throat (peach with shimmer)
4. Nars - Gaiety (matte bright candy pink)
5. Hourglass - Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush (champagne rose)

Nars - Orgasm
Nars - Angelika
Nars - Deep Throat
Nars -Gaiety
Hourglass - Luminous Flush

8. Benefit - Bella Bamba ( 3D brightening watermelon pink, apparently to be discontinued? :( )
9. The Balm - Frat Boy (peachy pink)
10. Benefit - Hervana (shell/ peach/ rose/ berry)

Rimmel - Touch of Berry & Sunkissed Cherry

Benefit  - Bella Bamba
The Balm - Frat Boy
Benefit - Hervana

As you can see I'm a bit partial to Nars blushes. They were my first love. I had never had any luck with drugstore blushes (they didn't sit well on my skin or last more than like an hour) so I caved in to high end and everyone recommended Nars. I have since then, expanded my horizon and have discovered other gems along the way. 

The Balm blushes are equal to the Nars. In fact the Frat Boy is very similar to Nars' Deep Throat but is a bit more matte. I do believe The Balm is a tad more affordable as well.

The Benefit blushes smell delicious and give you great control over the intensity (you can build them up or apply them on sheer).

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes are just SO pigmented. The shades are quite unique as well and are GORGEOUS. But be careful cause a little goes a long way and you can quickly look like a clown with these.

To my surprise, the Rimmel blushes became an instant favorite (drugstore and liquid? WHAT IS HAPPENING?), they are just so pigmented and easy to blend (again a little goes a long way though) and LAST SO LONG. You could also top them with a powdered blush for a 24H flush.

Again there are TONS of great brands and great shades in my collection, I just tried to narrow it down and make it more pleasant to read!

What are some of your favorites?

Talk to you soon!

- Val


  1. That hourglass blush is a stunner! I have the ambient lighting powder, and I am super underwhelmed. I might need to revisit them to pick up one of those blushes though! Lovely swatches :)

    Ps. Thanks for actually reading my blog ;)

    amye89 |

    1. I have the ambient lighting palette and it's like a real life filter! I could not live without it! I'm surprised you did not like them :( Or did you have one individual color and it didn't work out? As for the blushes, beware when you go see them, cause you will want them ALL :) Thanks for reading :)