New series : Champagne or Beer?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

My great grandmother used to say about my grandmother "I tell you, that girl has champagne taste on a beer budget!" For some reason, that always stuck with me. She was a classy lady, always so glamorous but girlfriend knew how to work a sale, and always got good deals!

Let's face it, we all like us a taste of the finer things in life, but what can you do about it when you're on a beer budget? Is everything worth the splurge?

In this series, we will compare different products, putting in the ring two very different opponents : Drugstore vs. High End

It's okay to spoil ourselves a little from time to time, just make sure you're spending your money on the things that are worth it!

Let me know if there's any products in particular you'd like me to compare, or simply find a cheaper alternative to.

I will post the first contestants later today!

I'll catch you guys on the flip side ;)

- Val

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