NOTD - Subtle and feminine

Friday, July 4, 2014

Here are my (shamefully painted) nails of the day. I wanted something subtle and feminine. I opted for Essie’s “Romper Room”. I usually always go for “Ballet Slippers”, but I felt like switching it up (barely, ha!). Though they are very similar colors, “Romper Room” is more opaque, creamy and has a tad more of a pink hue to it. I find it to be a nicer alternative to white, since it does pop quite a bit on my fair skin. The outcome is much more natural.

Ignore the terrible paint job and injured hand...

I got the box of minis for this year’s spring collection, cause you know girlfriend can’t commit to one full bottle!! Got all 4 for around 15$ at the salon.

Romper Room, Style Hunter, Hide & Go Chic, Fashion Playground

I feel pretty oh so pretty! I’m gonna go twirl in a flowy dress now.

I’ll catch you guys on the flip side! ;)



  1. Ouh das purday! I love those colors in the mini kit. I have that turquoise color myself, and it is divine!

  2. I do love Fashion Playground but I have a harder time to apply it than other similar colors, as in the formula is much more sheer :( (i.e : Turquoise & Caicos, First Timer, Mint Candy Apple)

    1. Beauty is pain, Val. Pain in the arse..

    2. Guess so, will actually go through the painful painting process today me thinks