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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

So here's the deal, you do every obvious thing to help clear up your skin, or keep it clear but somehow those little buggers still come back and if you're clueless as to why this is happening, maybe some of these tips can help demystify and fix the problem. Keep in mind that my acne is hormonal, but my skin is also sensitive, therefore a million other things than just "my body" make me break out.

Dealing with acne has left me a tad OCD about a few things but bear with me!

Here are 8 things I do when my skincare just doesn't seem to cut it :

1. Pillowcases:  Change them. Change them often. Usually every 3 days or so should be fine, however if you have a little snuggle bug who likes to play in the dirt and lick his balls and then rub himself on your pillow and lick it, change it everyday. Oh, and I meant my dog, not my boyfriend, just so we're clear ;)
Credit: ICS Jail Supplies (I sure know how to pick them! lol)

2. Phone: Kind of a no brainer, but clean it. That thing is NASTY.
Credit: nationalreview.com
3. Hands: Keep them to yourself, stop touching your face. In the eventuality that you will touch your face (to wash it or apply makeup) make sure your hands are EXTRA clean (as well as your hand towel, drying clean hands on a dirty towel? No thank you!)
Credit: rofl-lol.com
4. Nails: Ever wonder : I'm not doing anything different, it's not that time of the month, why am I breaking out? And then looked at your long ass nails? Cut them. The longer they are the more bacteria they harbor, even if you clean your hands. Keep them short-ish and make sure you scrub them in the palms of your hands when washing.
Credit: cremedelauren.wordpress.com
5. Face mapping: If you don't know about face mapping (but seriously where have you been?), well this one might actually change your life. Be aware of it, use it as a guide. You're welcome. (Click here for details)
Credit: The Beauty Gypsy
6. Dairy: In the same perspective as face mapping, the best thing I ever did for my hormonal acne is to cut out dairy (Cut down on it...I WILL NEVER QUIT CHEESE!!). However, I made the mistake of switching to soy milk for a while ; it was worse. SOY IS NOT YOUR FRIEND! (Well, it wasn't mine.). I now use almond or coconut milk. The next step is to cut out sugar and all other terrible things, but as a foodie, I win some, I lose some ;)
Credit : amcoffee.celebratewomantoday.com
7. Conditioner: BACNE. URGH! If you find yourself breaking out on your back, make sure you are rinsing out your conditioner BEFORE you wash your back. Any of that residue left on your skin can easily cause break outs. I usually get in the shower, wash my hair, rinse it, apply conditioner and let work in my hair while I wash my front. Then I rinse out my hair thoroughly and then wash my back.
Credit: beautifulwithbrains.com
8. Toothpaste: First of all, if you use toothpaste as a spot treatment, STOP THAT. NOW. Second of all, if you find yourself breaking out near your mouth, it could very well be your toothpaste. Either you're not rinsing well enough, or you can maybe try switching toothpaste. True story. Look for one with no propylene glycol or SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate). Also try washing your face after you brush your teeth!
Credit :drvee.wordpress.com
What kind of crazy things do you guys do? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. second quitting soymilk, was worse for me than cowmilk. do need to quit touching my face and make a point to change pillowcases more often tho ^_^

    1. These are absolute reasons/cures for acne, this is just from experience! You get the hang of it...Some of these I forget to do until I get a bad break out, and I'm like ohhh yeaahh that's why :P

  2. Forever crying about my forehead and chin. I have this super weird lymph node problem under my chin where it swells up and makes me breakout (9/10 times) on my chin. The worst ever for my self esteem ha. But this face chart rules! I need to print this out. Also RIP soy milk lattes :'(

    1. Yeah face mapping is a life saver!! Though when it's hormonal it's not much help lol maybe you can try to change what you put in your body (things that create an extra imbalance). I'm sorry about your lattes :( But vanilla almond milk is the bomb! And it foams up in the frother so I make my own lattes..The coconut milk, eh not so much! But it's good with cereal :P See if that helps!

  3. Oh mah god! I was always wondering why I would get big nasty pimples on my cheeks the day after I take a flight - without fail, Now I know, it's the airplane's fart air! Thank you, face mapper!

    1. Naaasstaaayy. You need to put on those face masks!!