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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hello lovelies! 

So I know I have mentioned the BB Cream Matte by Rimmel here and there in previous posts, but girlfriends! Can we just take a minute to REALLY talk about this amazing product.

Let's start with the promise :

"This specially formulated BB Cream is packed with matte perfecting benefits, resulting in gorgeous and shine free skin! Minimizing the appearance of pores and evening skin tone while controlling shine, the lightweight formula makes it perfect for combination to oily skin, with ideal benefits: soothes, conceals dark circles and even helps prevent blemishes."

Most of this is pretty true. However, I do not use it under my eyes as it can be a bit drying, and I can't vouch for it preventing blemishes. This offers really great coverage, a bit of hydration, definitely keeps me matte and hasn't CAUSED any breakouts, so that's what really matters.
You can find this product at any drugstore, Walmart or Target type places for around 7-9$, all depending.

a picture of Rimmel BB Cream Matte, blog

Obviously, I am in the shade "Light". It seems to only be available in one other shade, "Medium", which is pretty standard, but understandably not ideal for everyone. However a BB cream isn't meant to match your skin tone, it should somewhat adapt, but it's rarely perfect. As long as you blend it should look fairly natural, you can always top it off with whatever products you like to get the ideal color match :)

The formula is pretty runny so be careful not to spill it or squeeze out too much from the tube, a little goes a LONG way! Keep in mind runny means thin, which always looks better on the skin ;) 
This may look like a lot, but it's a small amount that spread out quickly!
I just like to apply it with my hands. A BB Cream, in my head, is an all-in-one, quick and easy way to look polished in the morning. When I'm feeling extra patient, I'll take 2 seconds to go over it with a kabuki brush to really get that airbrushed look, but rarely. 

Most of the time I use it as is, as my moisturizer/foundation, though since it is matte, it can sometimes be a little too dry. I'll do either 2 things : apply a light moisturizer before or mix in a few drops of my Dr. Dennis Gross Clinical Concentrate Hydration Booster (I also sometimes add some of the purifying concentrate for an extra boost).

Here's a little application demo for you. As always, beware! I am just recovering from a pretty bad breakout, but you'll get to see how nicely this covers up everything! (I also have a major case of the "stank" face it seems, but oh well!) :
a picture of Rimmel BB Cream Matte Before & After
Top left : No Makeup Top Right : One thin layer  Bottom Left : With concealer  Bottom Right: With powder/blush
This BB doesn't have an SPF which is the only thing I feel it lacks, but you can always add one under or over!

Otherwise, let's break it down:
Packaging : 4/5 I always prefer a pump, but it is still easy and hygienic to use.
Coverage : 5/5 By far the best coverage I've gotten from a BB cream ; medium to full, God bless!
Finish : 4/5 It definitely has a matte finish, be careful if you powder cause it can look a little cakey
Color match : 3/5 It's a TAD orange for my fair skin...In the summer I can make it work, but in the winter it's a bit harder to look natural (I still use it though)
Longevity : 4/5 The staying power is great especially that I don't evenuse primer, I'll get a LITTLE shiny after a few hours but nothing a blotting paper can't fix
Price : 5/5 Considering this is one of my favorite BBs altogether? And it's from the drugstore? SCORE!
Final score : 4.2/5

This is literally the PERFECT product for every day, and my favorite BB cream so far (I've tried an embarrassing amount). It makes getting ready so fast and easy, and it lasts all day (if you blot away the shine throughout the day, it doesn't break down or anything!). If you have very dry skin, skip it, as it will cling to dry patches but combination to oily (even normal, honestly), say hello to your new best friend :)

What do you guys think, you gonna give it a try? Let me know! :)


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