Score : Annabelle Cosmetics

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I randomly was browsing the aisles at Pharmaprix (dangerous thing to do) and I ended up finding not one, not two, but FOUR Annabelle Cosmetics products for a total of 15$.
a picture of Annabelle Cosmetics, BB cream, Expandable Mascars, BB Concealer, Kohl eyeliner

The BB cream came with a bonus free BB skin perfect concealer which was on sale for 13$.

The Expandable mascara came with a bonus kohl eyeliner in 108 Lapis, which was on clearance for 1.99$.

Safe to say, I was stoked and just couldn't pass it up.

I was particularly excited for the BB cream since I already love the Marcelle BB cream (they are sister brands) and also because this one contains an SPF, which is rare for a drugstore BB. It is only SPF15 but hey! For the amount of time I spend in the sun...It's good enough for me!

Here are my first impressions on these products :

BB Cream Multi-Action Beauty Balm (details here), this one needs a break down
Packaging : 4/5 It's the squeeze tube (the Marcelle has a pump)
Coverage : 3/5 It is a VERY light coverage, freckles will still show through and everything! (I like my freckles, but acne scars not so much, so I prefer a bit more coverage so I don't cake up with concealer...)
Finish : 4/5 The finish is natural to dewy, it looks nice on the skin. I preferred the finish once set it with powder
Color match : 3/5 The light to medium shade is kind of dark for me but since the coverage is so light, it's not that noticeable (however if you would try to layer it for more coverage, I'd probably look oompa-loompa-esque)
Longevity : 3/5 I did get a bit shiny pretty quickly (maybe 2-3h) so maybe not the best for oily skin...I was out in the sun and scorching heat though!
Price : 4/5 I did get this on sale. Regular price is 15.95$
Final score : 3.5/5
a picture of Annabelle Cosmetics BB cream
a picture of Annabelle BB cream before and after (coverage)
Left : Just BB / Right : BB, Concealer, Powder
I found this to go on very smoothly on the skin and is moisturizing. It does brighten and gives a certain glow to the face. Maybe I could try using it under foundation...That being said, I still prefer the Marcelle one! 

As far as the other products go, I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the BB Skin Perfect Concealer and the Expandable Mascara!

The BB Skin Perfect Concealer (details here) is a creamy concealer that offers great coverage in the convenience of a "twist up" tube. It blends like a dream!! I think I'm about to start a serious love affair with this product, can't wait to try it with other bases.
(N.B : I used it for both under eyes and blemishes/face, which I don't usually do, but it worked out great!) 
First impression grade: A+

a picture of Annabelle Cosmetics Skin Perfect Concealer
a picture of Annabelle Cosmetics Skin Perfect Concealer

The Expandable Mascara (details here) is supposed to give you volume and length. All I can say is my lashes were like WHABAM SHABAM!!! No flaking occurred while I was wearing it and was easy to remove at the end of the day. Might just be my new drugstore favorite...
First impression grade: A+
a picture of Annabelle Cosmetics Expandable Mascara
a picture of lashes with and without Annabelle Cosmetics Expandable Mascara
A bit creepy, but here's with and without (Clockwork Orange anyone?)

The eyeliner I didn't try yet, here's a swatch though :
A picture of a swatch of Annabelle Cosmetics Kohl Eyeliner in 108 Lapis
I'm sure it'll work great, and I love the color! I will try to incorporate it in a look soon! :)

You guys should definitely check out the Annabelle section next time you're at the drugstore (lord knows I've often overlooked it before) !

N.B : Annabelle can be found in most drugstores across Canada. You can also shop online and  it seems they do ship to the States! :) Visit them here :

I'll catch you guys on the flip side ;)



  1. Can't wait to see the look you come up with for the eyeliner! I love the lightness and coverage of BB Creams but they make me break out like CRAZY. Primers make me break out, too. What's up with that?

    1. There's definitely some BB creams and primers that make me break out as well. Perhaps you haven't found the right one? I also feel though if I wear primer for a few days in row, my skin doesn't love it... I save primers for when I need my makeup to hold up for a while!

    2. Also for added info products in each category that caused the worst break outs so far :

      Primer : Smashbox (all of them, hate them, and tons of people swear by them...)
      BB Cream : Boscia (which is like WTF? because their shit is amazing...)