How To : Clean your brushes

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hello lovelies!

If you remember my OCD to clear acne article, this should have been added (amongst other things I didn't mention, but I guess all in due time we will add all the useful tips).

It is SUPER important to keep your makeup brushes clean, because they collect bacteria which then goes on your face...The brushes also trap products which makes future makeup application blotchy or just not how it's supposed to be!

Yes, I know, it sometimes feels like tedious task, and we avoid it for as long as possible (guilty), but you really need to do it once a week (OK I don't even follow my own rules, but I try. TRY to do it once a week).

This also helps protect your investment, I have brushes that I've had since high school that are still in great condition. So it's also HOW you clean them.

First of all, get a no rinse daily makeup brush cleanser like THIS ONE from Sephora. Use it every day in between the "deep cleanse".

Now we all we can buy brush shampoo, or use baby shampoo or whatever store bought crap you want to use. But! What if I told you you can make a cheaper more efficient one at home?

Yaaas!! Basically all you need is some antibacterial dish washing soap and some olive oil. The soap will make sure we clean and disinfect our brushes while the olive oil will condition the brushes, keeping them healthy :)

What you want to do is, dip each brush in a bit of that mixture, and over the sink, swirl it in your hand a little, rinse your hand over and over again to keep adding water, and give a final rinse until there are no signs of bubbles and makeup.

If you let the water run directly into the bristles, it will eat at the glue that holds them together and cause shedding.

Squeeze out the excess water and try to recreate the shape as much as possible before leaving them to dry.

Ideally, you want the water to drain out towards the tip of the brush while they dry as well. I try to find an area where I can sort of tilt them (where the bath meets the wall, or...), but what I really should be doing is invest in a brush tree, like these ones from Benjabelle :

Image from Benjabelle
They have different kinds to fit all of your brushes, you can check them out HERE.

And there you go! Regular cleansing keeps your brushes, your makeup and your face happy!

How often do YOU clean your brushes? ;)

Talk to you soon!



  1. I wash my brushes every week, 'cause, how good do those clean brushes work? SO GOOD. I tried your method this week and I have to say that it is the most simple yet most effective solution I have ever used. The dish soap works really well to get all the makeup out of the brush...pretty fast, too! And I did notice a difference in the texture of my brushes with the olive oil. In the past I used a warm water and vinegar solution, but this is way better. Thanks Valtron!

    1. Great I'm glad it helped! It really cleans them well! Just make sure you rinse thoroughly cause you don't want olive oil residue on your face after... ;)

  2. Thanks girl for the tips.

    I'm starting to invest in my makeup, so this is super helpful (and probably the reason why i've started to break out a little).

    Thanks Val!

    Diane xx