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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hello lovelies!

Rimmel London paired up with British music star Rita Ora to create an exclusive limited edition line of shades for their 60 seconds nail polish.

In total, there are 6 shades, which you can see HERE. I got my hands on 4 of them, because girlfriend please, I'm crazy and that's already excessive!

With the help, and expert advice of my wonderful friend Sophie, I was able to get nicely painted nails to show you guys the shades and in depth reviews that compare to other brands, and what nail pros are impressed by ;)

Without further ado, here are the shades I got to play around with :

1. 863 Do Not Disturb : A beautiful vibrant teal color

2. 873 Breakfast In Bed : A great pastel turquoise shade

3. 203 Lose Your Lingerie : A lovely subtle baby pink
4. 613 Midnight Rendezvous : A very deep plum color

What Val thought (not so nail savvy, I just like my finger tips to be puurdy) :
- Dries quickly
- Opaque shades (you really only need two coats, and optional at that for the darker shades)
- Beautiful selection of colors
- Big brush means quicker application (also less streaks)
- Overall : Very impressed

What Sophie thought (somewhat of a nail queen) :
- Pastels need less coats than other brands
- Great for fast applications (thick brush)
- Not so much for details and touch-up
- Really fast-drying
- But formula dries in bottle, and thickens, during application
- Overall: Nice for quick, no trouble mani 

Also note that the darker shades do stain the nails (even if you apply a base), so the removal can be a bit messy! But I guess that's somewhat normal?

If you haven't seen them near you yet, they should be coming very shortly. They are around 6$CA and compete nicely with higher end brands.

For reference, 3 of these shades are oddly similar to shades in the Essie 2014 Spring and the resort collections:
Essie's Fashion Playground vs Breakfast in bed

Essie's Under the Twilight vs Midnight Rendezvous

Essie's Romper Room vs Lose Your Lingerie

Over all, if you're looking for a quick and hassle free mani with great color selection, definitely check those out or any of the 60 Seconds nail polishes!

What are some of your favorite shades?

Talk to you soon!

-Val & Sophie :)

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