Products I regret buying : VOL. 1

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hello lovelies! 

You know it's great to share nice discoveries and encourage you to spend all of your money, but we gotta keep it real ladies! Talk about the good, the bad and the ugly. I'll do this kinds of posts whenever I have a few regrets piling up ;)

In this edition we have quite a few things, so let's divide them into categories. 


Noxema anti-blemish pads: No, just no. This stinged and burned and irritate my skin, all while leaving me feeling oily, and not helping with blemishes at all. Do not recommend. 

Effaclar Duo:  This treatment I do not understand. I know a lot of people rave about it, but for me this is the worst spot treatment I have ever tried. Nothing has worked that poorly. First off, I don't know what the "dual action" is, it only mentions salicylic acid. I feel like some people have mentioned it's salicylic acid AND benzoyl peroxide, which sounds like a dream come true, but the canadian formulation is not that. It had no effect on the spots themselves, and left the skin extremely red wherever applied (cause that's just what you need near an already red and angry zit). Luckily it didn't dry out or irritate more than that, it just took more time to conceal everything in the morning. What the ef??

Nivea Purifying toner : This is the worst toner I have tried. Your toner is supposed to make double sure your face is completely clean, refresh and restore the balance in your skin. Also, considering this one is for combination to oily skin, it should have maybe tighten my pores and make me feel squeaky clean? NOPE, it felt like I had a residue left on my skin and I'm pretty sure it broke me out. There are great cheap toners that do a fine job, this one was not one of them. Thank god I started making my Magic Potion after that!

Avene Cleanance sample kit : This I regret but also am quite pleased. In the sense, it was only 6$ to test out a few things. I am glad that I got the chance to see if this could work for me without breaking the bank. There's nothing specific to why I didn't like it, it just didn't work. The treatment and lotion felt too greasy for me, the toner was fine but was not clearing up things as quickly and gently as my ACV toner. The cleanser on the other hand I quite liked though, but nothing special for me to go out and purchase it. It will be great for traveling. If you were curious about these products, then it's worth trying it for 6 bucks, but unfortunately, it did not work out for me.

Makeup :

Annabelle BB cream : You can read a more detailed review HERE. The reason I regret it, though I'm sure it's a great product, is it is REALLY not suitable for oily skin. Therefore, I will not be using it again, but someone who has normal to dry skin might find it quite to their liking...

Covergirl Bombshell mascara : This one surprised me. I have always quite loved Covergirl mascaras, some of my favorites actually, and the reviews for this one were good. It fell flat. Not much volume, not much length, and weighed down my lashes. Maybe I got a bad tube? Plus the packing is bulky and unpractical. Overall, just not a fan. I will stick to the  rest of the lash blast line, those are amazing <3


Batiste XXL volume dry shampoo : The idea with dry shampoo is to help pull off skipping a few days of washing your hair. You can also use it on clean hair to help tease and create more volume in your hair. I figured this was perfect. It wasn't. On dirty hair, it made it look dirtier and crumpled up (not exactly the volume I'm looking for). On clean hair, it just made it look crunchy, again, not a cute look. Their regular dry shampoos are my favorite though :)

That is it for my recent regrets! Is there any products mentionned here that YOU like? What are some of the products you regret buying? Let me know! :)

Talk you soon



  1. I usually like Avène products! I'm surprised they didn't work for you :(
    PS. I accept donations. hahahaha Also I have a lot of samples for you, pls come get them.

    1. I love Avene too!! I live for the thermal water spray! But this shit is just not for my skin...Maybe acne prone skin that's not very oily?

  2. I once got a Josie Maran beach spray for that beach wave look. Nope. Made my fine hair a rat's nest...

    1. Oooh really?! That's too bad, she also usually has good products and they're not cheap either, bummer.