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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hello lovelies!

California has gotten me in a pretty low key lifestyle. I don't get to glam up as much, but I don't know that I really mind it. Most days, I don't even wear makeup at all (gasp! I know), and when I do, I tend to keep it pretty simple. One thing I never skimp on when I do my makeup, is my base. Since I usually don't have much more going on, I've pretty much mastered, and narrowed down my favorite products to accomplish my best "flawless" face, you know, when I want to do a bit more than slather on BB cream and run out the door...

(Goes without saying, but I always start with a clean, well moisturized face.)

**Also note that my skin type is now Combination/Dry and on the sensitive side.
a picture of foundation, primer, powder, setting spray, concealer
Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Primer : At first I thought how hilarious? What is this gimmicky crap? But then you read, and it starts to make sense to you and you try to convince yourself you're not an idiot for falling for it. Welp! It really DOES make sense and it works beautifully. This is not your mattifying, pore erasing, glue for your foundation type primer but it's just what my skin needs. Developed with coconut water, probiotics, and skin revivers, it brings the life back into my face, smooths and hydrates to create a lovely base for my foundation. It does help it last (I'm not nearly as oily as of lately though) and gets rid of my main concern : foundation clinging to dry patches! I also feel like it's doing good for my skin, and I'm nourishing it instead of smothering it with makeup. I would not recommend this for oily skin, but if that's not too much an issue for you, definitely check this bad boy out! 
a picture of Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Primer
a picture of Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Primer (texture)
I'm not gonna lie, I've been cheating on Bobbi Brown with a.....drugstore foundation. That's right! I've fallen in love with Maybelline's Dream Wonder Foundation. They're not exactly comparable or similar straight out the bottle but the results on my face let you wonder which one costs nearly 5 times more than the other. YES FIVE TIMES! Absurd right? I also find the Maybelline easier and quicker to apply, and I like to use it with my Sigma F82 Round Kabuki Brush. It's not that I love it more though, but money talks. Without being a matte foundation, it has a bit less of a natural finish and does cling more to dry skin than the Bobbi Brown, so if you have very dry skin, this might not be for you. You can read my full review on the Bobbi Brown foundation HERE.
a picture of Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation with Sigma F82 brusha picture of Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation applicator
a picture of  Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation swatch (classic ivory)
a picture of Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation swatch in classic ivory (blended)
For my dark circles, I like to use Benefit's Erase Paste (in the shade Fair) to counter act any purple tones and then top it with my Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer (Of course in the shade Very Fair). It just does such a wonderful job at brightening up the eye area and giving extra coverage. I end up using way less product under my eyes with these two than ever before, making it much more natural! I then of course top it off with my Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder.

For any blemishes, redness or other imperfections on my face, I like the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (I am in the shade Vanilla). I don't really like it for under my eyes, but it looks super natural on the skin and offers great lasting coverage. 
a picture of Benefit Erase Paste and Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer
a picture of Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer & Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette : Okay! I feel like I've mentioned this in passing but have never TALKED about it. This baby is your Instagram filter for real life okay? The flesh tone shade just magically diffuses your flaws somehow, it's amazing. And the bronzer and highlight are so subtle that it just gives you that extra glow without looking like more product on your face. The powder and bronzer are sold individually but the highlight shade is exclusive to this palette. Honestly it's a good deal. 
a picture of Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
Finishing touches:
As I've mentioned before, I'm all about the Urban Decay setting sprays. I have both the DeSlick and All Nighter...Quite frankly, I haven't been as oily lately, so I don't really notice a difference between the two, but I do notice a difference if I skip this step. In theory  All Nighter is great for all skin types, but if your skin is on the oilier side, you can opt for DeSlick.
So If you want to make sure your makeup stays in place, use a setting spray before (after your primer) AND after you do your makeup.  

(If you want to be OCD like me, you can also spray it after your foundation and concealer (before you powder), and then spray again and do the following)

I also like to dust just a little loose powder after the last spray. I usually use Benefit's POREfessional Agent Zero Shine which I can't show you because my fur baby thought it was a chew toy and ate it (mostly the packaging, also did not seem to mattify her poops if you were wondering) but luckily any fine loose powder will work (think Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder). I've actually recently received the Be A Bombshell Smooth Criminal Powder in an Ipsy bag and I quite love it, so I've been using this instead.

Last but not least, if ever there's still redness or imperfections peaking through, I'll take a small concealer brush (I love the one from Real Technique's Core Collection) and dip it in some mineral foundation and dab it on the problem area. I just use this L'Oreal True Match Naturale Mineral Foundation. And voila! It erases it and lasts all day. 
a picture of L'Oreal True Match Naturale mineral foundation, Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, Be A Bombshell powder, Real Techniques concealer brush
And that rounds it up! It sure seems like a lot, but honestly it takes like 5 minutes.

What are some of your go to products to fake flawless skin? Let us know!

Talk to you soon,


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