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Friday, February 20, 2015

I already have the "Champagne or Beer" series on this blog, but I decided to create a new series for products that are in the same "league" but similar enough to pick just one winner.

Today we're talking about sculpting brow gels. As far as I'm concerned their really just tinted gels but you know...Many brands seem to have them. As much as I've been tempted for the longest time to get the Gimme Brow by Benefit ($22USD), I tend to just get whatever I find at the drugstore.

My brows are pretty dense and dark so to keep them groomed, all I do is some gentle filling in and taming down. I was just looking for a good brow gel to help me out.
a picture of Maybelline brow drama vs L'Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper
That being said, you saw in my latest drugstore haul that I picked up the Maybelline  Eyestudio Brow Drama// Deep Brown (I paid $7 USD) and was unsure about the brush.
a picture of Maybelline Brow Drama in Deep Brown (brush)
Well the brush sucked. Like who's brows is this conceived for? I know I'm no Cara Delevingne but I still have a pretty thick set. It's seriously one of the most frustrating things that I've tried. Not because it's the biggest fail/disappointment, it's just so stupid, like Urgh! Why? How?  Or maybe I'm the stupid one and have no idea how to use it? haha Even at that, the gel itself wasn't anything to write home about either... It's not even really tinted because with this poorly designed brush I got a decent amount on my skin and there wasn't really any color. The gel that did manage to stick to my brow hairs didn't seem to do much ; wasn't really helping taming anything down and my brow were hot mess in no time!

But then I tried the new L'Oreal Stylist Plumper//Medium to Dark ($8.99USD). PERFECTION. I don't know how it compares to the Gimme Brow but I assume they could be very similar. It IS also infused with fibers that help "fill in" your brows. It makes my brows look so much better and it's fast and easy (hello PRECISION brush...). I can pretty much skip any liner/powder beforehand if I'm in a rush. It also keeps my brows in place all day which I NEED.
a picture of L'Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper in Medium to Dark (brush)
I thought the fibre part might have been a gimmick, and this was just a nicely pigmented gel that helped give the illusion of fuller brows. But, when you remove your makeup you can actually see them getting washed away. I thought that was pretty cool.

Here you can see a good comparison of the brushes (size, shape) and I mean common! Also if you look closely you can actually see the little fibers on the L'Oreal brush!
a picture of the maybelline brow drama brush vs l'oreal brow stylist brush
Bottom line ; I'm tossing that Maybelline gel. I reaaally enjoy the L'Oreal and for less than half the price than Benefit, I think I'll stick with this bad boy. Though, it would be kinda neat to do a Champagne or Beer for these two now that I think about it....Maybe one day!

I'll try to post an updated eyebrow routine so you can see how this works and try to give you guys tips for shaping and filling in your eyebrows in the near future. Let me know if you're interested! #eyebrowgamestrong 

Talk to you soon,


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