Champagne or Beer? | L'Oreal vs Urban Decay Setting Sprays

Monday, February 9, 2015

Everyone has been super excited about the new L'Oreal setting spray. It's the first drugstore option that had potential to rival Urban Decay.

Fun fact, Urban Decay was actually acquired by L'Oreal in 2012, so ya know...

That being said, y'all know I love the All Nighter and the De-Slick setting sprays, and I use one or the other religiously to make sure my face stays on!

Well I tested the L'Oreal one, and I tested it real good! Heat, sweat, long hours, with and without primer, with and without "long wear" foundations. I gave it the real run down.

There's not many points to compare beyond how it sprays, how it holds up and how much it costs. So let's get right down to it:

Honestly the only thing I don't like about the L'Oreal one is the way it sprays out. But again, this is only compared to the Urban Decay, the mist isn't as fine and doesn't spray out as delicately, it's not bad, it's just sometimes I feel bigger drops on my face can dry funny, and I feel like more product gets wasted in the air. To me that's a weird thing, both products are in a standard spray bottle but don't spray the same?  I also think both products would be improved in an aerosol type packaging like the Avene Eau Thermale. I'm sure there's a "save the environment" or something reason to it, and I'm okay with that.


As far as the efficiency and hold of the Infallible Setting Spray goes, it absolutely compares to the competition, the results are FANTASTIC! Really helps your makeup survive the day! I'm comparing it here to the Urban Decay All Nighter as it's not mainly designed to control oil (though it totally helps with that). The DeSlick has a unique cooling sensation and feeling if you apply it to bare skin which neither the All Nighter or L'Oreal have so, bottom line, they're different things.

If you need another L'Oreal product and there's a BOGO type offer, or if it's on sale, THEN it's 100% worth it over UD. Let me bust out my math nerd to put things into perspective here...

L'Oreal : 

$16.99/3.4oz(100ml) : $4.99/oz

Urban Decay :
$30/4 oz (118ml) : $7.50/oz
(You can also get what I always get, which I just now realized is a terrible deal. DAMN YOU CHECKOUT LINE!!! 1 oz $14 (30ml) : $14/oz)

Bottom line, the L'Oreal is cheaper, but not substantially for drugstore vs high end if that makes sense? (If both bottles had the same quantity we're looking at a $20 vs $30. In my opinion $20 is still a lot for a drugstore product). It's also slightly of lesser quality, mainly because of how it sprays out, I feel like I'm wasting some product every time I use it...I'd have to do a recap in a while to see how long the bottle lasts! However like I said, if it's on sale, then I feel it's REALLY good deal.

Verdict... Well I'm sort of undecided on this one because I do prefer the All Nighter, but the Infallible is still really good, I just want to feel like it's real steal... 

Garcon! Get me a glass of champagne unless you're having a deal on your beer? Ha! That's what I'm going with folks!

Hope you guys enjoyed this! Have you tried this new setting spray yet? How do you think it compares?!

Talk to you soon,


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