Product Review | Milani Rose Powder Blushes

Monday, April 20, 2015

So I know I mentioned the Tea Rose shade in my March Favorites, but I really wanted to dedicate a whole post to the Milani Rose Powder Blushes because man oh man do they deserve it.

This collection offers only 3 shades ; Tea Rose, Romantic Rose and Coral Cove. Naturally, I got all of them... 
a picture of Milani Rose Powder Blush ; Tea Rose, Romantic Rose, Coral Cove
a picture of Milani Rose Powder Blush ; Tea Rose, Romantic Rose, Coral Cove
Top left : Tea Rose, Top Right: Romantic Rose, Bottom : Coral Cove

First of all, as mentioned, the packaging is so freaking beautiful, you almost don't want to use it. ALMOST! Beyond the imprint, this cute gold compact offers a really sleek and luxurious looking product. 

They are on the pricier side of drugstore blushes. Ok, they're kind of expensive for drugstore blushes, around $8-10, but if you're lucky and/or smart you can get them at a BOGO50%off type offer or something! And there's only 3, and you might not like all 3? But even if you were to get all 3 full price, that's still just $30, which is about the same as ONE high end blush *aheum* Nars *aheum*. Sooooo ya know...

That being said, these blushes are CRAZY pigmented. No, like you really have to be careful with how much you pick up with your brush because you WILL look like a clown/crazy hooker/creepy doll. But all shades are really beautiful. The Romantic Rose, especially, might surprise you because it doesn't look like much like this in the pan or swatched! But once it's on, it gives a beautiful neutral flush that pairs with any eye/lip look you might be going for. It's a great "no brainer" blush.
a picture of Milani Rose Powder Blush ; Tea Rose, Romantic Rose, Coral Cove (swatch)
Left to right : Romantic Rose, Tea Rose, Coral Cove
I also really like the finish. They are matte, but don't make you look too powdery or anything or make your face look flat. You could always add more dimension with a highlighter if your prefer that look. I just like the option of not being frosty or shimmery all over, especially when I start getting oily.

Last but not least, the lasting power on these babies is insanely impressive. Sure it has a lot to do with your base too, but I've tried them with pretty much everything and they rarely fade. If you have primer and a good foundation, without a doubt these blushes will last ALL DAY!

Cute, oustanding quality, pretty affordable, what more do you need? I highly recommend you check these out! For my Canadian beauties, I used to be able to find Milani at Maxi grocery stores, I can't say if that's still the case...If not you can always order them online. That's it for now!

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  1. I would love to try this brand but we don't have it in the UK and shipping would be a lot I guess but I love your post! Oh and coral cove is my favorite ☺

  2. Oh that's a bummer! Coral Cove is amazing for spring I love it! (gotta be suuuper careful not to look overdone with this one, as the pigment is insane haha)

  3. Dawn you can get them in the UK they are on the Beauty Crowd website, along with loads of other lovely Milani make up

  4. These sound amazing! I love Milani blushes so will have to try these ones! xx

  5. They are definitely worth checking out! If you do, let me know what you think! :) xx