Updated Morning Skincare Routine

Monday, April 6, 2015

It's been a minute since I wrote my last morning skincare routine post. I've since then changed climates and kinda skin types as well. For reference; when living in the harsher conditions of Montreal, I had acne prone/combination to oily skin. Right now, I'd say it's just combination (I've dealt with drier times, but things are settling down now) with the occasional breakout. Also, acne scars, even tone/texture are concerns of mine.

I also mention skincare products here and there, so it's important to me to be using all products for several months before I can actual say they are part of a routine. So here is what's been working for me lately!
a picture of products for combination dry skin Morning Skincare Routine (Soap&Glory Vitamin C Facial wash, Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream, Lush Eau Roma Water, Neutrogena Clear Face SPF 30, Lancome Genefique eye cream)
Soap&Glory Face Soap and Clarity Vitamin C Facial Wash - I've spoken about this in my February favorites, of course Sephora would decide to no longer carry this brand, after I've fallen in love with many of their products. Rumor has it, they are going to go back to drugstores, so we shall see. On the bright side, I won't be running out of this bad boy any time soon. For my fellow Canadians, you can find the brand in most Pharmaprix/Shopper's Drug Mart stores.

Lush Eau Roma Water Toner - This toner made with rose and lavender essential oils is super soothing and moisturizing and the first step at keeping my skin balanced and hydrated. I just spritz this all over my faced right after cleansing.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream - While my face is still damp from the toner, I go right in with my face cream to lock in all the moisture. I make sure I really press it in the skin and that it's all absorbed to a clean finish (as in no greasy feeling). I love that this doesn't make me feel oily and doesn't break me out!

Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Lotion Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 - If I'm going to be out in the sun and I'm not wearing any type of SPF makeup, I'll usually swap my day cream for this sunscreen. I know you could layer them, but having combination/sensitive skin, I prefer to do just one or the other. Plus, this leaves me feeling moisturized and not greasy and well doesn't break me out.

Lancôme Genefique Eye Youth Activating Eye ConcentrateI was lucky enough to receive a goody bag from Lancôme at a party a while back (I know, I'm so LA now...no but seriously that was the only cool "exclusive" thing I've been to, I promise) and ran out of eye cream so this is the only thing I've been testing out from that bag (oh and the Bi Facil makeup remover but I've loved that for years). Apparently, this cream is meant for prevention as opposed to repairing any damage. So I figure this would be the perfect cream for me! I'm at the age (26) where I should start preventing right? But, I don't have strong feelings (good or bad) towards this eye cream...I mean I'm not sure it's always moisturizing enough and I feel it can be a bit irritating at times, but it's hard to tell as I sometimes have eczema (I know, I'm a hot mess). But it's working out for now, don't love, don't hate it. When you get a high product for free, you use it up, know what I mean?

Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm - Some things don't change...I mean I use different lip balms every now and then, whatever is closer at the time you know? I love the Kiehl's Lip Balm and the Nivea Milk & Honey too but this lip balm, it just will always have my heart. Soft, healthy lips guaranteed.

That's pretty much it! My morning skincare is pretty simple and basic, I keep the more "heavy duty" stuff for night time as per usual...Which we will talk about later this week, so stay tuned!

Talk to you soon,


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