Mascara showdown | Drugstore Summer 2015

Friday, May 29, 2015

It's that time of the year again, tons of interesting new releases at the drugstore! Let's celebrate with another Mascara Showdown (you can check out the winter edition here). This summer, there are some trends I just don't get though? Apparently, messy, clumpy lashes are all the rage? I think by "Sexy Mess" they mean, "Hot Mess", but that's just me! For some reason I was still compelled to try it... Therefore, I got two seemingly identical (in concept) mascaras from L'Oreal and Maybelline and another unrelated mascara from Covergirl. 
a picture of  Summer Drugstore Mascaras 2015 ; Covergirl Supersizer, Maybelline Colossal Chaotic, L'Oreal Miss Manga Rock

Maybelline Colossal Chaotic Lash (I paid $7USD)
a picture of Maybelline Colossal Chaotic Lash (brush close up)
a picture of Maybelline Colossal Chaotic Lash (before & after)
Impact: 3/5 The length this gives me is like no other, but that's pretty much the only positive point. It weighs down my lashes and clumps (which is the point, I reckon), I'm just not a huge fan of this look. It's not terrible though, right? I think it might look better with some eyeshadow on...
Wear: 4/5 Like I said, it weighs down my lashes so it's not great to hold a curl but there was no fall out of smudges, so if you like this look, it will last all day!
Removal: 5/5 This was easy to clean up and to remove, any makeup remover will do!
Final score: 4/5 

L'Oreal Volumimous Miss Manga Rock Mascara (I paid $7USD)
a picture of L'Oreal Volumimous Miss Manga Rock Mascara (brush close up)
a picture of L'Oreal Volumimous Miss Manga Rock Mascara (before & after)
The rating system is irrelevant here. This is a hot mess and I wouldn't wear this in public haha I have seen it look cute on girls with short lashes! So I'm not saying it's a terrible mascara/trend, it's just not cute on me. At all.

Covergirl The Supersizer by LashBlast Mascara (I paid $7USD)
a picture of Covergirl The Supersizer by LashBlast Mascara (brush close up)
a picture Covergirl The Supersizer by LashBlast Mascara (before & after)
Impact: 4/5 I mean I like this mascara, gives a nice amount of length and volume, holds a curl nicely. I can be a little clumpy, but I can work with it if I'm careful (not pictured), as opposed to the Maybelline with which there's no way out.
Wear: 5/5 No complaints, holds up great on all aspects throughout the day.
Removal: 5/5 Taking it off at the end of a day is a breeze!
Final score: 4.7/5 

**All of these have a pretty wet formulas. I always get the darkest shade and in the washable formula, not waterproof!

So I guess it's safe to say, "trendy" mascaras are not up my alley! It was worth a try though. I'm actually quite impressed with the Covergirl mascara because I heard a lot of negative feedback before trying it and I was quite disappointed with the Full Bloom one they released earlier this year. I wouldn't say it's my new favorite, but I will gladly use it up, I quite like it! 

Have you guys tried any of these? Are you into the "clumpy/spikey" hot mess look? Let me know in the comments below!

Talk to you soon!




  1. Just found your blog today, and I am enjoying reading! I have the Cover Girl mascara, but haven't tried it yet; I think it looks the least spiky/clumpy of the three here, maybe? I'm hoping it isn't too much of a mess!

  2. Thank you!! And yes the Cover Girl is definitely not as clumpy (you should be able to work it to no clumps if you're patient haha) ! I quite enjoy it actually! Hope it works out for you :)