Champagne or Beer? | Taupe Polish (Essie vs. Wet n Wild)

Friday, September 18, 2015

**Spoiler alert**

Holy almost dupe Batman!
Ok, I know I'm starting with a bold statement and pretty much giving my verdict right off the bat (man), but I am too freaking excited! What a perfect way to start the weekend, amirite? 

ALRIGHT! So I'm at the drugstore because I just NEEDED (I have my own definition of need, don't judge me) to get my hands on Essie's Lady Like. I've been wanting the perfect summer to fall transition shade and I knew this was it. And it is. And it's perfection. And you should get it. But today's post is not even about Lady Like. I'm getting carried away! JESUS, EXCITEMENT AND CAFFEINE ARE A DANGEROUS COMBO! To get to the point (sorta), I was browsing through the beauty aisles as I do, and checked out the Wet n Wild Mega Last Nail Color polishes (because you know I love these), searching for some fall colors, and my eyes landed on Wet Cement. I thought to myself : "Holy sh@#t, could this be a dupe?". In the bottle they look almost identical. I'm ecstatic and get both.
a picture of Wet n Wild Mega Last Nail Color vs Essie Lady Like nail polish

I get home and swatch them on my nails. They are NOT identical. Lady Like is much more on the nude side, which is a-okay with me for this time of year. 
a picture of Wet n Wild Mega Last Nail Color vs Essie Lady Like nail polish (swatch)
Lady Like alternated with Wet Cement

But I keep thinking I do have an Essie shade that looks quite close to this. Mother effin' Merino Cool. One of my all time favorites. I know, I'm dying!
a picture of Wet n Wild Mega Last Nail Color, Essie Merino Cool nail polish, Essie Lady Like nail polish
Listen, I'm not saying they are exactly the same, in theory Wet Cement is the "in between shade" for these two, but way closer to Merino Cool (especially in person).  Merino Cool is a bit darker and does have a tad more purple in it and Wet Cement is a bit more on the brown side. BUT, dude, if you like these kinds of shades, the slight difference is definitely worth saving nearly $7. That's right, in case you forgot the Wet n Wild nail colors are $1.99 and the Essie polishes are around $8.50. Do the math...It's kind of a no brainer. Maybe it's closer to Chinchilly or other colors in that Essie family, I'm not sure, but it's the closest in my collection. They're not identical enough to be called a proper "dupe" and different enough to justify getting both haha But if you wanna be trendy on a budget this season, this is perfection.
a picture of Wet n Wild Mega Last Nail Color vs Essie Merino Cool nail polish (swatch)
Merino Cool alternated with Wet Cement
I swear the difference is even less noticeable in person than pictured above...And also, if you've never read one of my posts where I rave about the Wet n Wild Mega Last Nail Color, I love everything about them ; brush, formula, application, lasting power, price. It's all good man. I know I talked about it more in my May 2015 Favorites if you wanna check that out ;)

Verdict : pour me a pint good sir!

Needless to say, I'm pretty stoked about this purchase and recommend you check it out. Also, if any of you know of a cheaper alternative for Lady Like please let us know because that would make my life complete!

That's it guys! Short and oh so sweet...

Talk to you soon,
-Xoxo, Val

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