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Monday, September 21, 2015

I've realized, I never really speak about hair stuff on this blog. 
1. I'm pretty much clueless, I swear to you I can't even do a proper pony tail. Lumpy hot mess, always.
2. I've never really cared about proper hair care?

Let's start off with a "short" version of my hair story (I'll probably ramble on so feel free to skip right to the haul haha)

Literally, my high school years consisted of Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, because OH EM GEE it smells so delish right? I was also never really good at getting regular trims and doing hair masks/treatments.

Also, since starting the blog, I've pretty much been growing out a bob this whole time, so wasn't really inspired to style and nothing really seemed to help the process. My anxiety and stress and all that fun stuff nearly maybe it impossible for my hair to grow at all.

I did mention in my April 2015 Favorites the Kiehl's Amino Acid Shampoo and Conditioner and that's really what I feel kick started my hair growth. And I thought "Hmmm maybe there is something to investing in hair care after all". But when it came time to repurchase said shampoo, the $19 price tag (for 8.4 fl oz) still made me cringe. Luckily I hadn't run out of my conditioner yet (I was still using the L'Oréal EverPure Blonde Conditioner), so I waited to get that. Then last month, my hair was finally long enough to get a proper haircut to really shape it. TONS of layers, and making things more lightweight and with more movement and volume . I also got a cool toned toner so there wasn't anymore actual blonde in my hair, and I had finally ran out of conditioner anyways...

I knew a needed a bunch of stuff to keep my hair healthy and pretty and to keep growing, but I wanted to keep it somewhat affordable. So long story short (ha), here's what I picked up at the drugstore :
a picture of OGX Brazilian Keratin Therapy Conditioner, Aussie Moist 3 minute miracle

OGX Brazilian Keratin Therapy Conditioner - With ingredients like coconut oil, keratin proteins, avocado oil and cocoa butter, I felt like this conditioner would be a good complement to the Kiehl's shampoo. It comes out as an off putting brown goo but leaves my hair soft and shiny so it's all good!

Aussie Moist 3 minute miracle - This is probably like my 4th bottle and I've mentioned this before, but I love this as a hassle free mask. Again I'm lazy. This I can use while in the shower and only takes 3 min. I'll wash my hair every other day, and use this instead of conditioner every other time I shampoo.
a picture of Pantene Serious Repair Detangler, L'Oréal Boost It Blow Out Heat Spray, L'Oréal Nutri-Gloss High Shine Glossing Mist
Pantene Serious Repair Detangler - This leave in spray makes my hair a lot easier to brush out. Causes less resistance, which causes less breakage, which causes more beautiful, longer hair. YAH! Also it doubles as a treatment since it also is kind of a leave in conditioner!

L'Oréal Boost It Blow Out Heat Spray - With my new hair cut, I can really amp up the volume so I wanted a heat spray to help boost my hair while I blow dry. BIG HAIR DON'T CARE!

L'Oréal Nutri-Gloss High Shine Glossing Mist - When I do actually style my hair (I tend to air dry and bun it up on most days), I love to finish off with this spray to make my hair extra shiny. I mean it's pretty much in the name, and it works beautifully and smells like candy (but in a mature and feminine way?)

And that's pretty much it guys! What are some of your drugstore must-haves for long beautiful hair?

Talk to you soon!
-Xoxo, Val

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