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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hey lovelies, coming at you today with another long overdue post!
While in Montreal, I took a trip to The Faceshop (we have them in Los Angeles but it's not as accessible to me).

I first fell in love with the Real Nature Honey Sheet Mask when I had a skin freakout a couple months back. It's really soothing and hydrating, and helps calm down skin issues and brighten the skin, pretty much everything you would want in a mask... So I knew I needed to get more and decided to try get two other ones as well :
a picture of The FaceShop Real Nature Mung Bean Sheet Mask, Honey Sheet Mask, Lemon Sheet Mask
Real Nature Mung Bean Mask - As you can see I already tried that one. It's supposed to clarify and purify the skin. Maybe with regular use? But with these sheet masks I expect to notice a difference right away in my skin (which has always been my experience in the past) and besides feeling soothing and refreshing, I mean I didn't really do much. Still not bad, you get that pampering effect which is always nice...Plus for 2$ a pop, I didn't really "waste" money.

Real Nature Lemon Mask - This one is supposed to instantly brighten and I'm really excited to test it out, but I'm saving it for an occasion where I need to look extra "glowy" ;)
a picture of The FaceShop Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil & Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam
The only other thing I knew I needed to get my hands on was this Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil (17$), because I love me some oil and I kept hearing about this particular one. As mentioned in my latest monthly favorites, I love how it removes ALL my makeup, smells awesome, and makes my skin look brighter. 

In fact, I loved it so much that I ordered the Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam(13$) on Amazon (it was cheaper and easier this way) to use as my morning cleanser. It has this really thick creamy texture that foams up super easily. A little goes a REALLY long way. So far so good, but I do find it a TAD drying, as in I get a bit of that "tight" feeling after (maybe I'm using too much, but it's hard to squeeze out less than I do). Nothing a good moisturizer can't fix but as the weather cools, I might need to look into another formula (they have a whole array in the "Rice Water" collection).
a picture of The FaceShop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam (texture)
Rice water has just been really amazing for my skin! It is known to be  "moisturising,  [an] antioxidant, and [to have] healing properties that help to improve circulation. [It also helps] prevent or fade age related spots, and ease inflammation to give you healthy, better moisturised and clear skin." BOOM! That's just form one article, but I read up a ton on it and I'm looking forward to test more things out with this ingredient!

You may know this by now, but I'm a huge fan of "eye patches" to really refresh the under eye area. I have poor sleeping hygiene and sometimes it's leaving me looking ROUGH, so I make sure to always have some on hand. I asked the sales associate if they had any and it seemed they only had these Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patches(5$)
a picture of The Faceshop Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patches
a picture of The Faceshop Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patches
You are meant to keep these on for 30-40 minutes. Most patches you take off after 20 minutes, and I can't take them off soon enough! haha I was a bit annoyed. However, I must say they are way more comfortable than other patches I've tried (they have this thick "gelly" texture).
a picture of The Faceshop Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patches (before & after results)
It's not super apparent on picture but they do really help de-puff, smooth and hydrate and brighten a tad.
a picture of The FaceShop Pore Tightening Cover Cream
Lastly, I decided to pick up the Pore Tightening Cover Cream(17$). I can't really say much about it yet. It has a really strong perfumy scent that might turn off some people or scare you guys with sensitive skin...But nothing dramatic happened when I tried it out. It has this nice silky "waxy" texture, reminiscent of the Benefit POREfessionnal, but it leaves a silkier finish, as in things might slip off... It really does diminish the appearance of pores but I don't really know if it helps with oil control as much as some of my other primers. I need to test it out more extensively but I forget to reach for it...oopsy! Will keep you posted!

a picture of The FaceShop Pore Tightening Cover Cream
I was prepared to buy the whole store so I left after collecting this loot to avoid bankruptcy! What are some of your favorite products from The FaceShop?

Talk to you soon!
-Xoxo, Val

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