Champagne or Beer? | Benefit Erase Paste vs. NYX Dark Circle Concealer

Monday, October 12, 2015

Ouh I love whenever I can bring new contenders to the ring!

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don't, you should, click and follow!), you may have seen I picked up the NYX Dark Circle Concealer a few weeks back. 

Aaaand if you've been following this blog for a while you might also know that I have listed the Benefit Erase Paste as one of my most repurchased products and I looove that stuff.

Now, I was particularly excited to see if the NYX concealer could possibly stand up to my Benefit fav
a picture of Benefit Erase Paste vs. NYX Dark Circle Concealer
a picture of Benefit Erase Paste vs. NYX Dark Circle Concealer

NYX Dark Circle Concealer is a richly pigmented concealer with a hint of orange (which is want you want to counter act the blue-ish hues of dark circles). It's not as thick and creamy as the Erase Paste. And I remember thinking as soon as I opened it "Oh this isn't going to work". It almost feels dry when you dip your finger in it, but it's actually infused with coconut oil so it's not actually drying at all on the skin (and I have a fairly dry under eye). The thin consistency allows it to look really natural on the skin. It's thin but super pigmented and a little goes a long way. In fact, it's so pigmented, that it's a one step deal ; no need to layer with other products, it corrects and conceals. I was beyond surprised from the first use, instantly loving it more than the Erase Paste. But I thought I was just lying to myself, like a happily married middled aged man who sees a beautiful young woman and goes "I'm in love!". NO, you're an idiot, you love your wife, she's just new and shiny, it'll pass, it's just a thought, no harm. I swear just thinking that about the NYX concealer made me feel as guilty as cheating (not that I would know anything about it), like as if I had made a vow with the Erase Paste and broke it, you know what I mean? Yeah me neither... Point is, I was shocked by the results I got with this. ALSO, since it's so thin and not drying, the lasting power is great, no creasing or cracking or anything nasty. I do always set it with powder (habit) but I'm not 100% sure it really needs it, but cha know, better safe than sorry girl!

On the other hand, the Benefit Erase Paste also has that orangy/peachy tint which is actually more pronounced, but is a very thick, well, paste. I also, always saw it more as a corrector, meaning, a lot of the time I actually put concealer ON TOP of it. Well, maybe not concealer, but I'll tend to go back with a brightening product (like the Maybelline Age Rewind in Brightener or those brightening click pens) which sounds like it would look like a cakey mess, which I assure you it doesn't, but I must admit it does not look nearly as natural as the NYX Concealer. Because of it's rich creamy consistency, it can sometimes crease (even if you set it with powder), and you're more at risk if you layer products as well...But, I never found it to be too problematic.
a picture of Benefit Erase Paste vs. NYX Dark Circle Concealer (swatch)
a picture of Benefit Erase Paste vs. NYX Dark Circle Concealer (before & after)
Please excuse the brows...
Now a few specifics; Both are featured here in the shade FairNYX however offers 4 shades and Benefit only offers 3, so NYX can (potentially) appeal to a greater variety of skin tones. The NYX Dark Circle Corrector retails for $6 (0.1 oz) and the Benefit Erase Paste retails for $26 (0.15 oz). I mean...It's more than 4 times the price...

I would honestly say that I much prefer the NYX Dark Circle Corrector. Even if the NYX wasn't as good, then I would have just suggested getting that and maybe another product if needed and find a way to work with it and still come out under, you know what I mean? As much as I loved the Benefit and was always able to justify the price because nothing else ever worked for me, I now feel like a massive idiot. The only redeeming thing I could say, because some of you may still swear by it and hate the NYX concealer, the texture is really what sets them apart. You might prefer the thicker consistency of the Benefit, and find that nothing else agrees with your skin and that would be A-Okay! It IS a fantastic product and you would not be an idiot to splurge. All I'm saying is, give the NYX one a chance and if you can get on board with the texture, I just changed your life. You're welcome.

So to no surprise, final verdict ; Good Sir, pour me a refreshing pint of your finest beer!

Hope you guys enjoyed this!

Talk to you soon,
-Xoxo, Val


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