Product Review | NEW! Maybelline The Falsies Pushup Angel Masacra

Monday, September 19, 2016

Hey guys! So as I promised here is the final breakdown rating of the new Maybelline The Falsies Pushup Angel Mascara. If you haven't seen it yet, I did a First Impressions video on this over on my YouTube Channel (you can check it out below!).
a picture of Maybelline The Falsies Pushup Angel Masacra
a picture of Maybelline The Falsies Pushup Angel Masacra

August 2016 Favorites

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I know I was late with my last favorites and it hasn't been a month...But you know me. I GOT MORE TO SHARE!

a picture of beauty favorites from August 2016 Favorites
Marrakesh Leave in Treatment & Detangler - I pretty much just searched for a detangler on Amazon because my hair was constantly a mess and got this based on the reviews. I kid you not, when my hair gets a little too long (I'm due for a haircut big time), no matter how much conditioner I use and how often I brush, in no time it turns into ONE giant knot. Disaster. I spray this on damp hair and brush out with the most ease (yes even if it's a big lump of wet hair all tangled together) and it conditions my hair so beautifully. No knots, no breakage, just healthy hair. This is probably the most life changing hair product I've ever used, though I'm really not an expert in that department since I'm pretty low maintenance with my hair. So take it for what you will, but I can never go without this again.

a picture of  Marrakesh Leave in Treatment & Detangler

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor | New Shades

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hello Lovelies! Now I've already reviewed the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color Lipsticks in the past, which you can check out HERE!

But I literally have never been so impulsive (possibly an exaggeration, we all know I have a problem haha), when I walked by a display (that I had probably passed a dozen time in the past, but never noticed the added shades), and finally laid my eyes on NEW beauties. I, like a wild animal, without analyzing anything, just started ripping the display apart and picking some up, like a bomb was about to go off in the store, and it was now or never if I wanted more of these.
a picture of Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor ; Intensity, Crush, Infatuation
Now, if you remember my biggest disappointment when I first spoke about these, was the color selection, and I only picked up 3 shades. This time around, I had to CONTROL myself to only pick 3 more...Originally there were 8 shades and now there are 16 total, so LOTS to pick from.